Payment Solutions for Overwhelmed Restaurant Owners

Are you are stretched too thin as a restaurant owner? Do you need to streamline your processes? Do you constantly finding yourself concerned about funding for your overhead? These solutions will help your restaurant be more efficient, while saving you time and energy.

1. Getting an All-in-one POS system
If you are a restaurant owner, chances are you spend most of your time either keeping track of employee time sheets/paying employees, monitoring inventory, or marketing your restaurant. We offer All-In-One POS systems that will not only keep track of employee time sheets and monitor inventory levels, but also integrate with bookkeeping and marketing softwares to automate your manual processes.

2. Next Day Funding
No longer will you have to worry about having the funds to pay for your restaurant’s expenses. We offer payment processors with the option for next day funding.

3. Gift Card/Loyalty Solutions
Restaurants that do not offer gift cards are missing out on potential new revenue, while those without a loyalty solution are not properly taking care of their regulars. We offer custom gift cards and loyalty solutions that integrate right into your POS system and make your regular customers feel appreciated.

4. Free Implementation/Training
You already have enough training to do with your staff, so having to implement and train employees to use a new POS system is not what you need. As our client, you will not only receive free implementation and training, but unmatched customer service as well. Call 504.434.0998 if you are ready to evaluate your restaurant’s payment processing needs.