POS Systems: Common Questions Answered

What is the best POS system for my business?

While all profitable business owner would agree that a POS system is a necessary tool in the modern market, POS systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different systems provide different features and benefits, and choosing the best system for your needs requires a clear picture of your business goals, your target markets, and your day-to-day operations.

Even within one industry, needs vary. In a fine dining restaurants, as an example, the POS system is invisible to the diner. The server brings your ticket to your table and completes the transaction at a server station. In a more casual restaurant, diners pay at a central POS system, often swiping their own cards and entering their PIN numbers rather than signing receipts. Each of these workflows requires a different ordering process, and the POS system needs to match that workflow.

Likewise, there are a variety of factors to consider before investing in a POS system within the retail industry. Are you making sales at outdoor markets or in a brick and mortar store? In the former cases, a portable system is more appropriate than a fixed point system. For retailers that make sales via an e-commerce site, the POS must be compatible with the website in order to update inventory.

In short, the best POS system for your business is the one that best serves your unique business interests.

How much will a POS system cost?

The price range of POS systems varies depending on the needs of the business. Each individual system is optimized for your business model, offering labor- and cost-saving benefits through customization. If the system isn’t designed with your needs in mind, it's going to hinder processes, gum up operations, and frustrate staff and customers. At PPS, we analyze your processes, goals, and target markets in order to equip you with a POS system that works within your existing budget while providing flexibility for future growth and transformation.

What POS systems does PPS carry?

At PPS, we only carry cloud-based tablet systems. They are most cost-effective than server-based systems though the actual cost depends entirely on your needs (multiple printers, multiple stations, etc.).

We currently carry seven POS systems:

  • two designed specifically to meet the needs of the restaurant industry,

  • three for created for retail,

  • one that can be configured to accommodate both industries, and

  • one that is specific to salons, spas, and other 1-to-1 scheduling industries.

How much time will it take to implement the new system?

Your POS system is the brain of your business. An inadequate system can create chaos and stress for you, your employees, and your customers. In other words, you can't rush the process. To ensure you’re outfitted with an appropriate system that functions as it’s designed to, we roll out your POS using the following steps.

  1. We begin with a comprehensive needs analysis to identify the best POS system for your business.

  2. Then, we order the system and install it.

  3. Before deploying the system, we thoroughly test it to identify any potential trouble areas.

  4. Finally, we download your inventory and train employees.

Do I need wifi for it?

You’ll need to either use Wifi or Bluetooth to connect with your cloud-based POS. We highly recommend that there is a dedicated network for POS only. This will prevent slowdowns and bottlenecks when customers and clients are connecting their mobile devices to your facility’s network.

What other capabilities do POS systems have?

A modern POS system can do much more than process sales. They can streamline your business processes. Most systems now include time clocking, payroll, and ordering inventory. Systems built for specific industries can also provide data to help you plan better and execute your plans more efficiently.

Precision now has a POS division with a POS specialist who can help you with you specific needs.

If you’re ready to invest in a POS system that matches your business needs precisely, schedule a consultation with our POS specialist today. You’ll learn how these state-of-the-art business tools can simplify your business and magnify your successes.