Is Your Business Prepared For Hurricane Season? We Can Help

1.    Make arrangements for your business property and inventory

Protecting your business from physical damage in a hurricane should be your biggest priority. We want to help all of our clients be prepared for hurricane season and will match them with professionals who will ensure their business is as prepared as can be. Precision Payment Systems has partnered with a licensed general contractor to offer free consultations and will assure that your business structure is as hurricane and wind-resistant as possible. It is also critical to review your flood insurance policies. We have partnered with a licensed local property and casualty representative who is offering a free second opinion to our clients about their insurance coverage. Make sure your inventory is in a safe place and cannot be ruined by rising water levels if you do not plan on taking it with you.


2.    Have a plan to continue earning revenues

If you are required to evacuate, it is important to have a plan in place that enables your business to continue earning revenues. By travelling with your inventory and maintaining a strong social media presence, your business can continue to earn revenues while displaced. Having one of our mobile pay solutions is another great way to ensure business can continue to run even if you are not operating from your bricks and mortar location at the time.


3.    Inform your suppliers and distributors of any changes of addresses

In the event you need to move your business operations for the foreseeable future, it is important that you keep your suppliers and distributors informed of any changes of address. If not, deliveries into evacuated areas can be delayed or lost, possibly resulting in extra cost to the merchant.


4.    Protect important documents and information

Now is the time to determine which business contacts are essential for business operations and which need to be saved. This can include contact information for employees, banks, lawyers, accountants, or suppliers. We also suggest saving any documents that are not easily reproduced, including insurance documents, legal contracts, tax returns, and accounting statements. Keeping a waterproof container for essential documents and contacts will make life much easier down the road in the event of an evacuation.


5.    Back up ALL Data

Businesses should make a habit of regularly backing up their data throughout the year. However, it is absolutely critical to have your businesses data saved to a safe place should you need to evacuate. Precision Payment Systems offers a free security assessment to all of our clients and business contacts.


Want more information on hurricane preparedness for your business? Call Precision Payment Systems at 504-434-0998 and help your business become as prepared as possible.