Cut Back on paper for Earth Day

Can payment processors help reduce environmental harm?

Absolutely. Businesses that encourage the use of e-billing and e-payments play a huge role in moving our society towards a more Earth-friendly economy. They reduce our reliance on paper currency and metal coins. They also eliminate the 1.5 billion lbs of environmental waste created by paper receipts every year.

According to a study by the Virtual Card Payment Alliance, if 20% of American households switched from cash to virtual payments, they’d prevent the creation of 689,437,189 lbs of greenhouse gases per year and save:

  • – 246,930,912 lbs of paper
  • – 542,669,898 lbs of wood


How does Precision Payment Systems help businesses reduce their carbon footprint?

By reducing your business’ reliance on paper, and offering:

  • – Paperless statements

  • – Online reporting

  • – Electronic signatures

  • – Digital receipts

Precision Payment Systems runs an efficient virtual operation that eliminates waste and reduces our clients’ carbon footprint. Our online merchant portal empowers shop owners, restaurateurs, and medical offices to save, manage, and review reports without having to print and file paper documents.

We offer eco-friendly features like direct deposits into merchant accounts, paperless statements, and e-payments. These innovations keep environmental costs low while also lowering clients’ overhead costs. Precision Payment Systems clients save an average of $150 per month when they stop pushing paper and transition to paperless statements and online reporting.

Lower your carbon footprint and your monthly overhead today!

If you’re ready to make an Earth Day commitment to lower your business’ carbon footprint, get in touch with Precision Payment Systems today. We’ll show you how cutting back on paper and switching to a virtual payment system can lower your environmental impact and your monthly overhead.

How is your business making a positive impact this Earth Day?