What Are the Benefits Of Accepting Credit Cards?

Yes, I do get asked this all the time. But since there are no dumb questions (ok, yes there are, but very few) I wanted to address it with the world.

These are the TOP benefits to accepting credit cards in your business. My only disclaimer to this is that, if your business has been credit/debit card-free since the beginning of time, the following will ONLY be of benefit if you market the mess out of “Now Accepting Credit And Debit Cards”.

1. Accepting Credit Cards Boosts Sales

Acceptance of cards both broadens your customer base and increases customer spend. A study conducted by Visa cites that average credit card transaction increased by 74% while debit card transactions increased by 60% over the average cash sale. Merchants also see an increase in cash flow as they are not waiting to collect on checks OR from bad checks. Customers also tend to be loyal to where they know they can shop hassle-free.

2. Security and Reliability

Processors & credit card associations alike have taken and continue to take proactive measures against hackers/ breaches. Merchants must get certified with PCI. And you get an instant approval (or not) in all cases.

Cards are also more secure than cash for your customers.

3. Getting Set-Up To Accept Credit Cards Is Painless

…at least it should be! There are many processors out there that do a great job with a quick turn-around time to set you up. Talk to one you know and trust, or let us help you.

4. Don’t Take My Word For Any Of This

But DO go see what your customers are saying at http://communitymerchantsusa.com/resources/the-benefits-of-small-business-card-acceptance/.

 Hope your weekend is one to remember…

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