Are Your Payment Terminals Ready for the Shopping Season?

The shopping season is critical for businesses every year. As a business owner, you not only have to ensure your payment processing terminals are in tip-top shape to accept transactions, but you also have to ensure the security is up-to-date to protect your customer’s information. Not getting prepared for the busy shopping season ahead of time can do damage to your reputation and cause immediate and future negative consequences. Here are some important things to consider with your payment processing terminals this shopping season.

Make Sure Payments Are Accessible

Your business likely has a targeted customer, but many consumers use different payment options. Whether you offer online credit card processing, in-store terminals, in-app processing or other newer options, you have to ensure they are all functioning properly. Businesses offering several options for payment are likely to make a significantly higher revenue than those offering a single channels. But the only catch is they all have to be working to keep up with the demand of the shopping season.

Security is Critical

Check with your merchant service provider to make sure your terminals and systems are up-to-date and there are no security risks. Cyber criminals are working overtime during the shopping season, so taking proactive steps to ensure security will help save you a lot of headaches, while protecting your customers.

Check in on Your Rates

Now would be a good time to call your merchant service provider to make sure you have the lowest possible rates on payment processing as well. You may be able to take advantage of special promotional rates to help increase your profit margins on each transaction.

Be Proactive and Have A Backup Plan

With the amount of traffic you will likely have in your store, on your website or on your app, you have to be proactive and have a backup plan in the event of a malfunction. Websites can crash and payment processing servers can get overloaded and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost sales. Whether it’s having manual payment processing options or mobile POS systems on standby, having a backup plan with your terminals can help make this shopping season successful for you.

Precision Payment Systems is based out of New Orleans and specializes in payment processing for numerous industries. We take a proactive approach to help our clients prepare their payment portals for the shopping season, so they can focus on sales. Be sure to contact us to see if your terminals are ready for the shopping season, or if you would like to explore our payment solutions.