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As a new client, we want to make sure you are aware of the great benefits available to you. Please fill out the form below so we can pass along important information that you'll need as a business owner or decision maker.


award winning customer service

Whether it’s a problem with software or you just need fresh ticket paper, PPS can cover any problem with just a call. We promise to assist your needs fast and efficiently.

rate Guarantee

We know that one plan never fits all. That’s why we analyze your business model, customer base, average ticket, and transaction volume to see where we can get the most competitive rates.


complimentary consultations

We take a look at what your business needs to work at top efficiency and make sure that your systems function at full capacity.

equipment security

We constantly monitor the ever changing flow of credit processing systems and methods to make sure you offer your customers the most secure and up to date means of payment.


say yes to american express

Through the OptBlue program our clients are able to accept American Express cards at the same rate as other major card brands.  Learn more here


Next Day Funding

Select processors offer deposits in your designated bank account on the next business banking day if you settle your credit card payments before the stipulated cut-off time.